About Us

We at Kastra Creations Media Pvt.Ltd are a foremost Advertising Agency in India. Established in 2nd January 2010, Kastra Creations Media Pvt.Ltd helps the small, medium sized and relatively larger corporate entities to establish their brand and create the demand for their product and services. Advertising or branding plays a critical role in the success of every Business organization and hence, we have been the essential part of the business strategies of our 35 clients across the country.

We have a team 200 plus highly qualified and experienced Advertising, branding and Marketing experts that strive for the excellence in whatever we accomplish. Kastra Creations Media Pvt.Ltd has its branches in different parts of the country, i.e. Patna, Kolkata, and Dhanbad.

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What We Do

We complete several advertising and marketing activities to benefit a business entity, i.e. Audio Visual Advertising, Media advertisements, Outdoor Advertising, Audio Visual Production, Creative Designing and Writing, Internet Marketing (i.e. SEO, Content marketing, e-mail marketing, SMO, etc.), Website Designing and Development, and offering of the Corporate Gifts, etc. At Kastra Creations Media Pvt.Ltd, we have complete setup and infrastructure of outdoor printing machines.

We have our associates and partners all over the country, which helps us, quickly cater to the different advertising and branding needs and requirements of our clients across the nation. Through our innovative, exceptional, and creating work, we have earned a huge respect and appreciation from our clients and in the advertising industry. With hundreds of content clients, we are able to with the trust of our customers and establish a reputation of reliable and efficient Advertising Company in India.