Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is relatively unique, however, quite effective phenomenon of Advertising and branding. Through Outdoor media, you can reach and access to the people or the potential customers, even when they are on the go and not at home. We at KASTRA CREATIONS MEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED have great expertise in Outdoor Advertising Services.

Here are the key Out of Home (OOH) Advertising mediums we deal in:

  • Banners
  • Unipols
  • Billboards
  • busshelter
  • Utility
  • Mobile Van
  • Poster Advertising


A full-service Outdoor Advertising Company in Bihar, Jharkhand and UP East.

Affordable Advertising Medium to maximize ROI

The OOH Advertising involves lowest CPI (Cost per Impression); as a result you successfully achieve a massive ROI (Return on Investment). It is quite affordable compared to conventional advertising means, and hence, largely popular among the small and medium sized businesses or Startups.

OOH is Quite Effective Way of Advertising

Moreover, the impact or influence of Outdoor Advertising campaign, i.e. Hoardings, advertising on vehicles, roadside banners, etc. is no less than any other medium of advertising. The big banners located on highways, or trucks, roadside, etc. are hard to ignore and leave lasting impression on the people on go about product or brand such observed.

At KASTRA CREATIONS MEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED , we have launched and completed several winning Outdoor advertising campaigns for our vast number of clients across the country. Hence, if you wish to start an Outdoor Advertising campaign for your brand, product or Services, you may get in touch with our highly professional and experienced Outdoor Advertising team and to discuss your project and launch the OOH advertising campaign at earliest.

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